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LeBlanc Lace Care

Chantilly Dreams is pleased to offer Le Blanc's Fine Linen and Lace Care products. This is the only product line we endorse and use when restoring fine lace and heirloom linens here at Chantilly Dreams.

We believe that fine linens and lace are meant to be enjoyed, not stored away forever where no one can enjoy their loveliness.  They lend grace and beauty to a home, and were meant to be appreciated!  So go ahead and enjoy your lace and finery, just take proper care so they can be handed down to future generations!

Need fragrance free?  Have a favorite scent not offered here? Other Le Blanc scents and products are available via special order.  Please inquire.

This photo below is a restoration I did with a Brooklyn Museum lace tablecloth using LeBlanc's awesome products.