Chantilly Dreams ~ Offering exquisite antique and vintage handmade lace including antique lace apparel, antique and vintage hats, corsets, Louise Green hats, lace bridal boots and shoes, wedding veils and wedding gowns, bridal lace boots and shoes,antique wedding handkerchiefs, handmade lace doilies, handmade antique and vintage lace tablecloths, vintage lace apparel, hand embroidered linens, vintage sewing patterns and sewing antiques.
Chantilly Dreams
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Coupon Code Info

Coupon codes are shared on occasion on our Facebook page, via newsletters, blog, etc. Customers have inquired as to where to type coupon code upon checkout.  Once you are on the checkout page, the coupon code field appears below the order total, to the left. Below is an image that should help:

Type the code, click "go", then "proceed to checkout". If you need any help, feel free to contact us via email or phone.  Happy shopping!

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